Ring in the New Year on a Budget

Finishing up the holiday season comes the New Year’s, which continues the strain on budgets.  Many people have spent most of their budget on Christmas with little thought towards ringing in the new year. but New Year’s Eve does not need to be expensive. It is quite easy to ring in the New Year on a budget.

Staying Home

Hosting a party

The simplest way to save money on New Year’s Eve it’s just a home. This can be hosting a party or game night. You don’t need to rent a space or go to a restaurant, simply having people over can be a great way to end the year and start the new one. Along with this, is to keep this to close friends rather than going something extravagant. For the big countdown, either watch local channels or live stream Disney World fireworks


If you do decide to have people over on New Year’s Eve, you can always ask that people bring their own booze. This will save you better money on alcohol especially if you are having a larger Gathering. You can turn this into a drink tasting section we’re having people bring their favorite type of drink and allows others to sample them. They don’t have to be elaborate drinks even if it’s a variety of beers.

Keep the menu simple

Don’t try to go over the top on creating a menu. Going with something simple such as pizzas or finger foods that are cheap and easy to make. Another option would be to create a potluck where every guest brings their favorite dish.  Food is important to a party but the most important part is not everyone has a good time.

BYOG – Bring your own games

Continuing in line with having guests contribute to the party, you can have people bring their favorite games. You can then have a majority selection of what the group place for the night.  This will add a lot of variety to the evening as well as amusement. This could be board games or even video games, such as Jackbox Pack which adds a variety of different multiplayer games. Who doesnt want to have a dance off at a New Year’s eve party? You’ll be able to ring in the New Year on a budget while having a laugh or two.

Dollar Tree is your friend

Now that you’ve created the menu and entertainment for the evening, comes the decoration aspect. Decorations don’t need to be overly expensive for your party. Simple banners and streamers can be found at the Dollar Tree. You can also find balloons and hats for cheap. You shouldn’t be spending a lot of money on decorations, Simplicity is key. You may be able to find some decorations on discount closer to the big day.

Save decorations for next year

You can further save money on decorations by saving them for the following year. This is more for the banners and streamers as well as maybe hats. You can always replace the 19 on the items with a 20 or subsequent years.  The special 2019 glasses or confetti obviously won’t be able to be reused but a lot of the decor should be able to be.

For those that want to go out

Plan ahead

Some places will give you a discount if you sign up ahead of time for their New Year’s Eve bash. Make sure to start looking even a month or two ahead of time for these type of opportunities as the discounts can be a pretty good saving. If you’re traveling around New Year’s Eve some hotels will throw New Year’s Eve parties as well either part of the room cost or for a small fee. THis may be a little more costly than the rest but can still ring in the New Year on a budget.

Go to someone else’s party

if you don’t want to host a party, there’s always the option to go to somebody else’s house party. You can always bring a bottle of wine as a token of appreciation. You can save money this way by just bringing your own drinks rather than paying for them at a restaurant or bar which will have inflated prices.  This can be a great way of ringing in the new year on a budget.

Go to local fireworks

This is dependent on the area that you live on whether they have any fireworks going on for New Year’s Eve. If they do this could be a great way to get out and celebrate the new year without spending any money. Local fireworks are usually free, and if not you can usually find a location not far from them to avoid paying a charge.  I know that this is all so depending on weather forecast on whether this is a viable option.

There may be a bunch of other free options within your area. Keep an eye out with the weeks leading up to the new year. What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? Let us know in the comments below!