Magical Express Ending at Walt Disney World

One of the best things when landing in Orlando on a Disney vacation is being able to jump on the Magical Express. This was the quintessential start of any trip to Disney World that shuttles you into the magical vacation. For those that don’t know, the Magical Express is the Disney shuttle that brings you from the airport to your Disney resort and back on your departure day. If you are not renting a car, this is a great way to start your vacation as soon as you land. Once you board the bus, there are TVs that play Disney information as well as classic and newer cartoons.  However, this will be changing with the Magical Express ending. 

When is the end of the Magical Express?

It was announced earlier this week that the Magical Express is set to end in 2022. If you are traveling through 2021, you are safe and will be able to use the Magical Express. The reasoning behind this is not fully known. It was a great perk for staying at a Disney resort. This is likely a cost-saving measure. There has been a rumor that a new high-speed train will be passing by Disney in the future. Which could be a joint venture for a different mode of transportation. However, this has not been officially announced. There is also the possibility to push the Minnie van service to get to and from the airport and resorts.

Changes to the hours as well

At the same time that the Magical Express ending was announced, we found out about extra magic hours. The Extra Magic Hours were an hour set aside per day at a different park each day for Disney resort guests to get into the parks early or stay later in the evening. This will be changing as well. Instead, Disney will be having an extra 30 minutes per day available for resort guests. This will be for every park each day. This can be both good and bad as the time is limited but less difficulty trying to plan your days in advance.

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