Jurassic World Velocicoaster Coming Soon!

Jurassic Park has been one of the most popular franchises at Universal Studios which has its own section. Who hasn’t wanted to run with a pack of raptors? Now we are getting closer to being able to dash with Blue, the blue-streaked raptor from Jurassic World. This area has already had several updates over the years, including the raptor meeting area. However, there will be a new attraction that will reach new heights at Islands of Adventure. Early this summer, we will get Jurassic World Velocicoaster!

What is the Velocicoaster?

This will be Universal Studio’s newest high-speed coaster soon to be opening! This will speed over the raptor paddock and have a 140ft drop at an 80-degree angle. There will be 2 launch areas through the coaster. The first will be the initial launch and will jump from 0 to 50mph in 3 seconds. Then the second launch will jump from 40mph to 70mph in 2.4 seconds. This looks to be a great addition to the coaster family at Universal. Testing for this ride has begun and has been ongoing around the end of January. 

Jurassic World Velocicoaster
Photo Courtesy of Universal Studios

Who will this coaster be for?

This will be for both thrill enthusiasts and Jurassic World fans alike. Due to the intensity of the ride, the Velocicoaster will have a minimum height requirement of 51 inches or 129.5cm. The ride itself will hit a maximum height of 155 feet and reach a speed of 70 miles per hour.

Where will Velocicoaster located?

It will be located in the Jurassic Park area of Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios resort Orlando. The Jurassic Park section is located between Toon Lagoon and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. With the level of immersion of these areas, expect a fully immersive queue leading up to the ride itself. Don’t be surprised to run into Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo.

When will the Velocicoaster open?

The current schedule date for opening is June 10th, 2021! They may do soft openings leading up to that date but nothing has been released yet. Velocicoaster has fans excited already with the videos that have been released. From the videos, the cars have a very sleek and iconic blue LED lighting. It will utilize a lap bar instead of an over-the-shoulder harness.  This is reported to be the fastest and tallest roller coaster in Florida when it opens.

Courtesy of Universal Studios

Are you excited for Jurassic World Velocicoaster? Is this something you would like to ride? Let us know in the comments below!