Jungle Cruise Update Coming to Disney World

During the pandemic, Disney has taken advantage to refurbish a bunch of rides as well as plan out changes to several attractions. One of the biggest rides that will undergo several smaller changes is Jungle Cruise. Some of the changes have fans upset however, the changes are unlikely to impact the feel of the ride. Disney hasn’t released much for dates, but we do know that it will be completed later this year. Either way, this is a must ride if you go to Magic Kingdom at Disney World. Before we jump into the Jungle cruise update, let’s discuss what the ride is for those that don’t know. 

What is Jungle Cruise?

Jungle Cruise is a comical water ride through the well, jungle. It simulates rivers over several continents. What makes the ride a fan favorite is the skippers, who have a whole host of jokes ready to entertain you on your riverboat journey. During the Christmas season, Jungle Cruise becomes the Jingle Cruise. The jokes may change but the fun does not! You have to stay ever alert during the ride to make sure you don’t miss out on anything, including the majestic backside of water. 

Jungle cruise update
Photo Courtesy of Disney

What changes are coming?

Jungle cruise will get a new story that will be continuous throughout the whole ride. The biggest change coming with the Jungle Cruise update is the change to Trader Sam. The depiction of Trader Sam was previously a shrunken-head dealer but will now take over the Lost & Found shop as the manager. Disney has released the new scene of the Lost & Found gift shop that has been overrun. This is only concept art at this time but will likely be completed within the next year. Trader Sam has been missing from his normal scene for a couple of months now. However, he will likely make a return upon the update completion. We will likely see “phased” updates over several months, rather than having it shut down the entire time. 

Jungle cruise update
Photo courtesy of Disney

There will also be changes to other scenes throughout the Jungle Cruise that could be less noticeable. One scene where rhinoceros chase the safari group to the top of the tree will be changed to an entire expedition of explorers. This will also be part of the new story throughout the ride. There may be other changes but none have been reported. 

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