Epic Universe Construction Resuming Soon!

It has begun again! It has been announced that Universal’s Epic Universe construction resuming in the near future. At the Morgan Stanley investor conference on Wednesday, Brian Roberts announced that construction would start back up imminently. For those that don’t know, Brian Roberts is the CEO and Chairman of Comcast. When it is to be started, we do not know but we do know what he said. As a result, Universal studio fans’ excitement was renewed! However, there is still a lot of information that is unknown.

Epic announcement!

There was not much information released but did announce that the project is going to be restarted. Originally, the project goal was to be completed in 2023. Subsequently, this seems unlikely. In a press release on Universal Studios Orlando blog ( 3/3/21)

“Work on Epic Universe paused in July 2020, as the company adjusted plans in the midst of the pandemic. The restart will begin immediately – but is expected to take several months before reaching full-speed, as Universal re-staffs for the project and reassembles its vendor and contractor teams.” – Universal Studios Blog

As stated above, it will take a little bit for the construction to get back to full speed. This could take up to several months to get back up to speed. When construction stopped in July 2020, it was questioned if that was the end of Epic Universe. Which spurred a lot of speculation for the theme park’s fate. This was a big announcement as it will bring lots of jobs to the area. It is rumored that it will open in about 4 years. Moreover, it would be appropriate timing as construction has been set back almost a year now. The original prediction was around a 4-year product.

Epic Universe construction resuming

What is Epic Universe?

Epic Universe will be the fourth park at Universal Studios Orlando. Epic Universe project had been announced on August of 2019.  Although there has not been a confirmation on everything that will be included in the park, there are many rumors. This includes a new Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts section and Super Nintendo area. We have seen that there are several patents that have been filled by Universal. Moreover, Universal Classic Monsters was announced in early 2020.  It will be located a few miles from Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. It is unclear if there will have a shuttle or bus service but would seem likely. 

This project will bring in over 14,000 permanent jobs, which is on top of the thousands of jobs during construction. Moreover, Epic Universe will be a massive undertaking for Universal. By adding a fourth park will add a lot to the Universal parks. More information is likely to be released within the next few months and will update at that time.

What do you think of Epic Universe construction resuming? Are you excited for this? Let us know in the comments below!