Disney Skyliner Gondola System at Disney World

If you’ve ever been to Disney World then you have probably used their transportation systems at one point. Either the bus system, monorail or boats to get around or to the parks. Disney is taking transportation one step further with the addition of a new Disney Skyliner gondola system.


How will it work?

This will be a state-of-the-art system that connects several of the hotels along with the parks. This includes Hollywood Studios and Epcot as well as three resorts: Art of animation, Caribbean Beach resort, Pop Century Resort. Eventually, it will also connect Disney’s Riviera Resort which is in the planning phase at this time. The Disney Skyliner Gondola system will have a total of 5 loading stations that will connect the two parks noted above, as well as the four resorts in the future. It is reported that the system will contain 3 Gondola lines and will have a total of 5 loading stations.

There is still some work to be done both on the Gondola system as well as on the Riviera Resort which is not expected to be open until 2019 at some point. It will be very difficult to miss as they will have bright and colorful artwork depicting Disney characters passing across the sky.

Courtesy of Disney



There is one major concern that people have brought forward is the lack of air conditioning. It was reported several months ago that the Disney Skyliner Gondola Fleet will not have air conditioning on board. The company that has been building the system, Doppelmayr, state that it will have circulation within the Skyliner. iI is unclear on how well this will work, especially with the summer heat that Florida experiences. Hopefully, they will have taken to this into consideration. Although this may be deemed a hiccup with the system, it should still be a fun experience on a new view of Disney World. Overall I am still excited to try out the Skyliner system.

Courtesy of Disney

This new transportation system will add a whole new experience to getting around Disney World. Even if you’re not staying at one of the aforementioned Resorts, it may be worth taking a little time out of your day to try this out. Disney reports that this will be a new way to experience the parks with amazing views. An example of this is when going to Epcot, this brings you through or near the international Gateway station. I know I’m looking forward to trying this new system out. This is expected to be completed in the Fall of 2019.


Are you excited about the new Skyliner system?  leave a comment below with why or why not!