Disney Moms Panel – Helping others and get a free trip

Today is the day that a lot of people have been looking forward to, the day where you can enter to become part of this year’s Disney Mom Panel! Applications can be submitted from Thursday September 5th, 2019 starting at noon and will be going until Thursday September 12th, 2019 at noon. Hence this is a very limited window of a week so make sure to apply quickly. This is a chance that Disney enthusiast look forward to each year as a way of helping others and getting a free Disney trip. 

What is the Disney Mom Panel?

The Disney Mom Panel is a group of panelist that are selected by Disney to help answer questions. Questions can be about the Disney parks, resorts, shopping, restaurants. They have multiple panelists with areas of specialty. The areas/categories are Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Vacation club, runDisney Events and Disney Cruise Line. One thing to note, The Disney Moms panel is made up of both moms and dads. They take people with a variety of backgrounds, which aids in the user experience when they ask questions. If you have questions that they can’t answer, they will have the resources to find them. 

Where can I apply?

You can check out Disney’s site for more information about the application process HERE

Further more there are several requirements to be eligible to join the ranks of the Mom panel, which includes:

     * Applicants need to be 18 years old or older with access to computer and internet

     * Applicants need to have visited Disney World resort or Disneyland resort within past 12 months. Disney Cruise or Disney Vacation club panelist, must have been on vacation within past 24 months.

     * Can not be a current employee/cast member

There is scheduled travel time for training of the panelist (of note, this does not include family or friends) that the panelist has to go to. For this year, it will be for a few days in December.  If you are interested in applying, check out here!

The expectations for the panelists are that they provide 10-20 written responses per week which they estimate about 20 minutes per question. This is the same as requirements for the 2018 panel. Moreover, This can be quite a bit of work for a trip to Disney, but worth it. Panelist provide their own opinions, feedback on Disney vacations and Tips. This can be as broad as which rides family members can go on to best way to have groceries delivered and everything in between. 

If you are looking at giving back to the Disney community, then this would be a great opportunity. Most noteworthy, ror the participation in the mom panel, panelist are provided a trip to Disney and up to 3 family members. Which is a great bonus for helping out the Disney community. 

The odds

There are thousands upon thousands of applicants for the Disney Moms Panel for a handful of spots (I believe there is 40). During the selection process there are 3 different rounds which can be nerve-wracking. It is difficult to be selected for a panelist position; however, you can reapply the following year. It is a difficult process; nevertheless, you have nothing to loss by applying. If you are one that likes to help others out, then this would be a great opportunity. Finally, for those that are applying this year, good luck!