Disney cruise donates to the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian has caused a lot of damage as it made its way up the Atlantic, including extensive damage to the Bahamas. It was announced at the end of last week that Disney cruise donates to the Bahamas. As many people know, Disney owns a small island in the Bahamas, Castaway Cay which employs many Bahamians. They are also close to the other islands as well with the Disney Cruise lines also make stops within the Bahamas as well. 

Photo Courtesy of Disney

Help with rebuilding

Disney has announced that they will be donating $1 million dollars to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. This was from the Disney Cruise line which has ties to the area. The Storm had been predicted to hit Florida directly as well but missed a direct hit, for the most part, however, the Bahamas was not so lucky. The storm had slowed over the islands and caused devastation in its wake. The Hope was that the donation would provide much-needed relief to the area. 

Dispatching supplies

The aid did not end there either. Disney has also announced that they would be sending their cruise ships, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, to drop off supplies to Castaway Cay. After the supplies were dropped off, they would be distributed to the Abaco Islands. The supplies include food and water. This was to take place on Sept 5th and Sept 6th. The outpouring of support for the area. It will take some time to get everything back to even some resemblance of normality. But with the aid, this should make things a little easier.

Disney cruise donates to the bahamas

Hurricane Dorian was a powerful storm, especially when it hit the islands. Dorian has escalated to a Category 5 storm as it hit the Bahamas a week ago. Disney is known for providing a lot of donations to a variety of causes, but it is good to see Disney cruise donates to the Bahamas, along with other cruise lines. 

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