Design for Moana Journey of Water!

For the past couple of years, there has been construction ongoing at Epcot. This is to reshape the landscape and create new regions. Moreover, there had been a lot of talk about how IPs would be integrated. Now we have a clue how Moana Journey of Water will be laid out. A fresh piece of artwork for the future Journey of Water Inspired by Moana attraction at EPCOT has been released by Walt Disney Imagineer Zach Riddley. This will be a new type of attraction/experience to Epcot.

Zach Riddley said on Instagram:

“This image is a preview of the graphic style that will be used throughout the attraction, inspired by the design and visual language of the Walt Disney Animation Studios film “Moana.” Our team created many original pieces that focus on the dynamic movement of water as it travels around the experience. Graphics like these will guide guests through the cycle of water in fun and engaging ways to tell our story of the vital link we share with water across our planet, and inspire the important role we all share in preserving this life-giving and life-sustaining precious resource.”

Photo Courtesy of Disney

What else do we know about the Moana experience?

This will be an exploration path rather than a ride, making it the first Walt Disney World attraction based on the successful Moana movie from the Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Visitors to this water maze will be able to engage with mystical, living water in a stunning and motivating environment. The lush walk-through setting of Moana’s Journey of Water will entertain and instruct visitors about the water cycle. As well as how it supports our planet. In addition, the water maze will essentially replace Innoventions West, which was destroyed as part of the redevelopment of EPCOT’s central spine. However, this is in stark contrast to rumors that it would take over Journey into Imagination. 

It will be a component of the new World Nature neighborhood, Moana’s Journey of Water.

The mission of World Nature is to comprehend and safeguard the wonder, harmony, and beauty of the natural world. It will have pavilions for The Land and The Seas with Nemo & Friends in addition to Journey of Water.

Moreover, Disney has not yet provided an opening date for Journey of Water: Moana. But this is anticipated to happen in 2023.

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