Connections Cafe Opening Today in Epcot!

There has been lots of news coming out of Epcot recently. Soon Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind will be opening in Epcot but before then we will have a new eatery. Connections Cafe Epcot opening today April 27th, 2022 in Epcot! This will bring more food options to Epcot outside of the World Showcase. For the past couple of years, Epcot has been lacking dining options when you are outside of the World Showcase. Before the reconstruction had started, Electric Umbrella had been the biggest dining option towards the front of the park. 

When does it open?

Connections Cafe will be officially opening to the public on April 27th, 2022. This has been a long projection that is part of the restructuring of Epcot. The main area seems to focus on main dishes. In the future, they will have options for pastries and desserts. 

Photo Courtesy of Disney

What kind of food will they have?

Per Disney’s website, They have described it as a new quick-service fast-casual restaurant What sets it apart is that it draws influence from delectable cuisines all over the world. The objective of Connections Eatery is to show us how food has the power to bring people together if we open our minds (and stomachs) as part of World Celebration, where we embrace coming together and experiencing the magic of possibility. Once inside, you can see the chefs in action as they complete desserts and see pizza makers work their magic making pizza dough.

Photo Courtesy of Disney

What about Starbucks?

Did someone say Starbucks? What has a lot of people excited is that this will also be the future home of Starbucks. Disney has reported that when Starbucks is integrated into Connections Cafe, they will be themed to match. Any time that there are more food options, it’s a win. This will have move crowds around, hopefully, we will see expansion to incorporate more options in the future as well. 

Are you excited for Connections Cafe opening up? Let us know in the comments below!

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