Behind The Attraction Lands on Disney Plus

I’ll fully admit that I am a documentary nerd, especially when it comes to Disney. There are a lot of them out there that usually cover the parks as a whole rather than focusing on the rides themselves, which can be disappointing at times. If you are the same, then you will need to check out Behind The Attraction on Disney plus! This is a new series that has been added to the Disney Plus lineup. 

What is it about?

As was alluded to above, Behind The Attraction is about the rides at the Disney parks. This is not limited to Disneyland or Disney World. Instead, it shows the history of several different rides and how they have been adapted throughout the parks around the world. This adds to the history as not every ride is the same based on location. Also providing updated changes to the rides, such as Tower of Terror in Disneyland transitioning to Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout. It ends up going fairly in-depth on each of the rides that it highlights during the series. This series officially debuted on Disney Plus on July 21st, 2021!

Photo Courtesy of Disney

What rides does it cover?

As the show has just started, there are only a few rides. However, it jumps right into the biggest of the Disney rides or at least the best-known rides. It takes you through Jungle Cruise through Space Mountain. There are only 5 episodes in season 1 so there should be plenty of room to expand in season 2. From the rides, it also brings in rides that were secondarily inspired, providing a full rich history into the parks. The others so far for season 1 are Haunted Mansion, Star Tours, and Tower of Terror. The information is presented in a way that will be great for the entire family. Making it enjoyable for kids and lots of information to keep adults engaged.

Is this a show that you would check out? If so, what did you think? Let us in the comments below!