Volcano Bay Reduced Hours Coming September

 There has been a lot of changes to the Universal Studios schedule for both Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure. This appears to be now taking place at Volcano Bay as well starting in September. Usually, around this time the water parks will start to limit hours due to the start of Fall temperatures. However, in this case, it is unclear the reasoning behind the change.  Check out the rumored Volcano Bay reduced hours.

How will the hours change effect the schedule?

Usually, changes in schedule will reduce hours per day for the parks. But instead, this change will actually reduce the number of days that the park is open. In the past, the hours would be reduced by closing earlier and opening later. Universal Studios has decided to actually close down on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the time being. One possibility is that it will reduce staffing needs. The schedule change will start on September 8th.

Volcano Bay reduced hours
Photo courtesy of Universal Studios

Looking through the schedule for the next several months, we will see this as a recurring schedule adjustment. Although schedules can be altered at any time, we will likely see this continue through the end of 2020. 

 Previous schedule changes

 This follows along with the recent changes to the Universal Studios schedule at the beginning of August.   At the start of August, Universal Studios was set to close an hour earlier than normal and Islands of Adventure was opening an hour later than normal. This was likely done to reduce staffing needs as this would be a standard 8 hour day.  However, during the initial schedule changes or adjustments, Volcano Bay and Citywalk remained the same.

 It has not been released as to why Volcano Bay hours are being changed at this point. It could be another way of consolidating staff throughout all 3 parks. Universal Studios has done its best to continue to make changes for the safety of their team members and guests, it is likely that this is part of that process.

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