TRON ride at Magic Kingdom:

At D23 conference last year in Anaheim, Disney announced that they would be adding on a TRON ride at Magic Kingdom. This was a big announcement because of it adding another whats believed to be coaster style ride to the park. Construction is already underway and will be located next to Space Mountain in the Tomorrowland area. The land near Space Mountain has started to be cleared and groundwork is put down for the new TRON ride. However, this is causing some closures during the construction period.

First of which is the closure of the Tomorrowland Speedway, which will be closed into a part of 2019; hopefully being reopened during the summer season. This is due to the track being rerouted, and reportedly having a slightly shortened track. The second closure is the Walt Disney World Railroad, takes passengers around the park to 3 stops around the park, which will be pausing operations. You are still able to see the train and to get up close look at the train as it will be parked at the Main Street Station at the park entrance. It will be available for photo opportunities. The goal of the project for the new TRON ride is to open in time for Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary.

The inspiration

There is already a TRON attraction at the Shanghai Disneyland – TRON Lightcycle Power Run. It is unclear if the new TRON attraction at Disney World will be the same type of ride. The draw up of the structures look very similar in nature. The current ride has riders, in side-by-side bikes. It gives me a feel of Space Mountain meets Rock n” Roller coaster with a dash of Test Track thrown in from the videos that I’ve seen. If this is the case, This will be a great addition to Magic Kingdom and look forward to riding it. However there has been no announcement on how similar or different this ride will be from Lightcycle Power Run. We look forward to any news that is released regarding the new TRON ride at Magic Kingdom and further projects.

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