Top 5 Must Carry Items at Disney

Trying to make sure that you have everything you need for the day can be tedious when heading into the park. You want to bring things for every scenario but not be weighed down in the process. In these cases, many things can be left behind or left in the stroller just in case. We have been many times and there are certain things that are must carry items at Disney to make the day easier. These are pretty universal across all parks and not isolated to only Disney World. This is only a small segment of our actual packing list for Disney.

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Must Carry Items at Disney

We will start at 5 and countdown to the most important item that I always carry with me. To some extent, items are very individualized. 

5. Medications

This one may not be applicable to everyone which is why it is listed at #5. Unfortunately, you never know if you are going to get stuck somewhere or on a ride. I recommend carrying your daytime medication or as-needed medications on you.  Sometimes situations pop up where you may need medication, either prescription or over-the-counter (OTC). If you are lactose intolerant, then it’s good to always be prepared and carry Lactaid. If you are prone to getting headaches or migraines, then it may be a good idea to carry ibuprofen or Tylenol (whatever you normally take). This may not apply to everyone but for those that it does, it is a good idea to carry them.

This is usually kept in one’s first aid kit. The reason that this is isolated to medications is that the first aid stations will have band-aids and other items but do not carry medications. This is one thing that I would not leave behind if you forgo the first aid kit. 

A travel-size pill organizer could be perfect to carry just a few tabs of whatever you need. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy like this but something to keep it organized.

4. Cooling towel

Cooling towels are a must-carry item at Disney during the summer but even during the Spring and Fall. Heading into the winter, the temperatures in Florida can still be up in the 80s. This can feel like a miracle in the scorching summer heat. Find a water fountain or from a water bottle, drape it over the back of the neck and enjoy a little reprieve from the rising temps. I have found that this works when you are going to be standing around such as watching a parade or fireworks as it is less likely to move on you. The cooling towel is an overlooked item to carry but packs away very well and can cool you down a bit. It can also be used if someone is getting a little overheated by putting on the forehead. Side Tangent – if someone starts showing signs of overheating, seek medical attention. 

There are a lot of different cooling towels out there that all do about the same in terms of cooling you off. I have used these which work very well even when hitting high 90’s. The bonus here is that you can get a multipack so that you can bring a fresh one several days throughout your trip or each person gets there own to carry.

3. Hand Sanitizer

The last thing that you want to do is get sick while on vacation. Now, this is not always possible to avoid, there are things that can be done. Nothing replaces proper handwashing but can be used in conjunction with it. Using hand sanitizer when you can not make it to a bathroom to wash up can help to reduce the risk of getting sick significantly. Throughout the course of the day, you will touch a bunch of different surfaces without realizing it and not know what you are picking up. It is often recommended to use hand sanitizer fairly frequently. You do not need to go overboard, after a ride or anything like that, but before meals, if you can not find a place to wash your hands. 

2. Water bottle

This will come in handy but because dehydration is possible  (in case you didn’t know, Florida is hot) but also to help save money. There are many water fountains around the parks that can be used to fill your bottles. The other big thing to remember is that you can go to many quick-service restaurants and ask for ice water which is free. You usually get a lot of ice and a little water. I will get ice from a quick service then fill the rest of the water bottle at a fountain. This is especially true if you have children, as fluids are important. 

I have the Contigo water bottle and I love it! I had even silhouetted it without any issue so that there is no denying it is mine. This one is something that I also throw into my work bag every day.

1. External Battery back

This is one that I carry every day, even when not in the park. The last thing I want to do is run out of battery life on my phone during the day. I use my phone both for taking pictures but also for work. So for me, this is a high priority. Keeping my phone partially charged is important. Disney does have portable chargers which you have to pay for anyways and always run the risk that it does not work. I prefer to carry one that I know will work and that has a good size battery. The ones you can get at Disney are the “lipstick” chargers which have a small battery size. This is good in a pinch but not good for the long term. This is hands down the top of my must carry items at Disney list!

I actually have several battery packs that I carry on a trip, even if I don’t carry both at all times. I have one that’s….well its a brick. It’s heavy but this thing will recharge my battery multiple times over the course of the week with only 1 charge. I have a couple of smaller ones that are a little bigger than the “lipstick” which are more compact. I have several cables so that I can charge the phones but also my go pro if needed. These can come in hand if you have a fan as well. 

Bonus item


This one is more of just a common sense carry as you need to be able to pay for things or may need your license. You may need money for food or souvenirs throughout the course of the day. Although it may save you money if you leave your wallet behind. Even if you don’t plan on buying anything, it is still a good idea to keep your wallet on you. I feel naked when I forget it and you just never know when you may need it. 

The biggest thing with a wallet is the smaller the better if you are carrying it all day. I will often trade out my bigger wallet for a travel size just for a few things. Such as cash, id, and debit/credit card. I don’t want to be hauling more than I actually need.

Hopefully, you have found our must carry items at Disney helpful. These may not be the only things that you pack on a day into the parks. But it can be some of the most important items. All of these can fit within your pockets, so you don’t have to carry a backpack if you don’t want to. These are ones that are always in my bag, Some both for Disney days and not. 

What is on your must pack list when going to a Disney Park? Let us know in the comments below!

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