New Solar Power Facility at Disney World

Disney has pushed for more green measures through conservation initiatives, including recently with moving towards changes within the parks. It is no surprise now that Disney is moving its focus to solar panels. Announcements had been made several months ago about their plans for a solar power facility at Disney World. Since that time, Disney has begun installing their solar panels for their new facility. Disney made the announcement of a few conservation efforts several months back. Most noteworthy was getting rid of plastic straws and solar panels. Disney has since broken ground and started placement of solar panels. 

What is the solar power initiative?

The solar power facility will contain half a million solar panels in total. It will take about 270 Acres and generate 50 megawatts of power. Disney’s goal is for the solar power facility to be completed within a short time of a few months. As a result, the facility is expected to be completed before the end of 2018. The goal with this solar panel facility at Disney World is that it will generate the equivalent power to that of 2 of the 4 parks. Which is part of Disney’s bigger goal to reduce its net greenhouse gas emissions by 50% worldwide.

Environmental impact

Benefits of solar power are well-known due to it being a renewable energy source and will cut Disney’s carbon emissions in the future. The new solar panel facility at Disney World will provide Disney has pushed for more conservation efforts within the past 20 years. similarly, this solar power facility at Disney World will be in conjunction with their previous solar panel farm. That solar farm is located outside of Epcot, which is on a smaller scale of about 22 acres and is shaped like Mickey’s head. This has a big environmental impact as this minimizes pollution from fossil fuels. Consequently, there is some concern about impacting local habitats. For that reason, Disney is also working with several teams to make sure that it is safe for pollinator species. Pollinators include such insects as bees and butterflies. 



This has been a great push towards more environmentally friendly renewable energy sources. The energy produced from the solar power facility at Disney World won’t go to the parks; instead, the energy will go into the local power grid. It will produce the equivalent of powering 10,000 homes. Even with this being the case, it is a big goal to cut emissions by 50% worldwide. Overall, this is an impressive endeavor. Disney has become one of the most known with their push for environmentally friendly actions.

Various Disney Resorts around the world already use ”green measures” which includes Disneyland Tokyo. Disneyland Tokyo already utilizes solar panels to power their electric parade. furthermore, this is just one example of many efforts on Disney’s part. Overall, this is the next step in creating a renewable energy infrastructure. Conservation movements are part of a great effort for more sustainable business practices and Disney should be applauded for taking strides to do this on their own.


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