New round of Temporary Epcot closures 2019

Now that the work on Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios is wrapping up a majority of their construction for the Opening next month, the focus is being shifted to Epcot. We knew that Epcot was going to be going through pretty extensive renovations. But there will be a lot of Epcot closures 2019 that should be noted as it may impact your next trip. 

What we had already known

There have been 2 big rides coming to Epcot including bringing a little Marvel into the park. Disney had announced and has already built quite a bit of the new Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster. In the France pavilion, A new Ratatouille ride is already in the process of being constructed. So the stage has already been set for an updated experience within the park. 

What closures will be coming

Mouse Gears

If you have been to Epcot, you know their biggest store is a sight to behold. Mouse Gears is an impressive store that you can find almost anything in. This will be going through a new renovation during the fall/winter. It will be moving to a temporary location in the meantime but the location has not been announced yet. 

Electric Umbrella

This has been a stable at the center of Epcot before entering the World Showcase and will be undergoing a renovation. As of this time, it is scheduled to be renovated during the winter. There are plenty of other options for dining in Epcot. The closest dining option from here would be Sunshine Seasons for a lot of dining options which is located in the Land pavilion. When Electric Umbrella re-opens, it will have new options for food and beverages. 

Club Cool

Club Cool is a great area that has been open to guests for quite a while now to allow guests an area to try different types of drinks. This has been sponsored by Coca and provides plenty of merchandise inside. It has been best known for the notorious Beverly which is a unique drink that is difficult to describe but something you would not soon forget. During the Epcot renovations, Club Cool will be closing on Sept 8th. Disney has reported that they will “incorporate “ elements into Epcot after the renovation. 

Disney Pals Meet and greet at Character Spot

The Character Spot has been a popular area for the meet and greet for Mickey and pals. I would have been surprised if they had done away with them completely. According to Disney, the characters will be dispersed throughout the park for continued ability to meet. I look forward to see how the area is revamped. 

Fountain View Starbucks

For those looking for a Java fix, Fountain  View has been a popular coffee spot as it is home to Starbucks within Epcot. This will undergo a temporary closure coming fall 2019 and winter 2019/2020. It has been reported that the Fountain View or the equivalent will find a new home within the Epcot transformation.

Innovations East, Nanooze Break and Colortopia. 

These are scheduled to be closed on Sept 8th 2019. There are rumors on how things will be restructured but it will be a wait and see. It is also unclear how they will be integrated into the new model of Epcot. We may see colortopia show up in a temporary location during the renovation but unclear as far as Nanooze Break.

The Camera Center will also be closing but this seems like it will be for a shorter time. This is set to reopen early next year to answer any Photopass questions and issues. There should be more information coming out in the next several months at the D23 conference. I’m excited to see how things change and evolve at Epcot but will be saddened to see somethings go. There are a lot of changes are coming with the Epcot closures 2019

What would you like to see updated or renovated at Epcot? Let us know in the comments below

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