Epic Universe Construction Update For June

Many projects were put on the backburner last year as theme parks went into survival mode. Adapting strategies to be able to reopen and still keep people as safe as possible. Now, more of those projects are being brought back and moving forward, including at Universal Studios. A little over a year ago, it was announced that Epic Universe would be coming to Central Florida. But now we know that Epic Universe construction has started. This looks to be an amazing addition to the Florida theme parks scene. 

Epic Universe construction

When did this begin?

Most of what has been done so far are just land prep but this is the start at least. Part of this is adding construction equipment to the site of Epic Universe construction area. The construction was pushed back quite a bit with every that went on last year. which will likely set the opening back about a year to a year and a half. Initially, it was scheduled for around 2024, however, this will probably be closer to 2025 if not 2026. With that being said, Universal Studios has not announced their new timeline. Is this a guarantee that construction has started there? No, however, this does increase the likelihood.

What we know so far about Epic Universe

One of the best announcements that we have had was that Nintendo-based land was confirmed. This has been a huge project overseas at Universal Studios Japan and should mesh well with the other IP areas of the new park in Orlando. The other area that we know is coming is another Harry Potter section, which is rumored to be part of the Fantastic Beast series. Several other areas are rumored but have not been confirmed. These include Classic Monsters (which would be amazing) and How to Train A Dragon. We could find out more by the end of the year. 

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