DreamBigPrincess International Day of the Girl 2018

Disney has had the #DreamBigPrincess campaign for quite some times. This campaign encourages kids/girls around the world to follow their dreams using encouragement from real-life Role Models as well as fictional heroines. As a result, Disney is taking it one step further with a day to get girls/women to Disney Bound around the globe. This is set to take place on October 11th, which is the International Day of the Girl which was declared by the United Nations. The Disney parks are encouraging girls to disneybound their outfits in the passion of their favorite female Disney characters.


What is DisneyBounding?

Disneybounding is the use of clothing to mimic those of Disney characters such as with certain patterns or color scheme. A simple example of this would be a blue shirt and a yellow skirt for Snow White. There are a lot of people who disneybound on a regular basis. But with the International Day of the Girl on October 11th 2018 will certainly have the biggest turnout. The goal of the campaign is to share one’s favorite character. This helps bring awareness to the positive traits that the character encompass such as confidence, bravery, compassion, etc. The examples are endless. Disneybounding helps to embrace those traits.


Female Empowerment

Most noteworthy, Disney will also be premiering the #DreamBigPrincess video series. These videos will capture 21 young woman from 13 different countries. Each video will tell their stories/words of advice from around the world.  #DreamBigPrincess videos will be shared on social media; Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to be viewed and shared. Each video will provide inspiration for young girls that they can achieve their dreams or goals in life.


Starting on October 10th and continuing through November 20th of 2018, Disney will be donating to Girl Up, United Nation Foundation program supporting Girls leadership and empowerment. They will be donating $1 to the charity for each like or share of a public video or photo with the #DreamBigPrincess on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. They will donate up to $1,000,000 to the Girl Up Charity.


#DreamBigPrincess is a great vision to help girls and young women in developing the confidence to pursue their dreams. This is a perfect way to contribute to the International Day of the Girl. For a long time, women have been limited and this is to help break those barriers. It is a great way to celebrate girl power in one’s ability to embrace their goals in life. This has improved over the years, but there is still quite a bit to do. Women should not feel limited. As someone with a young daughter, I couldn’t be more happy that Disney is pushing to female empowerment! The timing for Disneybounding is perfect with the Halloween season and may get more people to take part.