Disney World Annual Pass Deal at Sam’s Club

Last week we reported that Disney had increased their prices for the annual passes across the board. For some, it was a smaller increase and others were pretty significant. But rest assured, a way to save money has been found! We had heard rumors that Sam’s Club was selling Disney world Annual Passes but didn’t realize how much of a savings it would be. So if you are looking for an annual pass deal then this is for you!

*Edit* 7/3/19

It appears as though it was short lived and Sam’s Club is no longer selling Annual passes or at least not at this time. We may see them restocked in the future but at this time, there is no longer a deal at Sam’s Club.

So how much does it save you?

Sams has a great deal for their members which will save a$250 for the annual pass. It may be worth getting a Sam’s Club membership just for this as you can get a membership for around $45. If you look on Groupon, you can get them for $35 on occasion as well. With the initial investment, you are still saving over $200 per annual pass! 

As with anything, if you are buying something from a source other than the main seller, then make sure to read the fine print. The tickets from Sam’s Club show a lot of the same features as if you were buying directly through Disney directly. However, there are some things that will need to be checked on such as Fastpass+. It should come with the passes but it is not listed. 

Annual pass deal


Sam’s Club has both the Platinum Annual pass and the Platinum plus Annual pass available for these discounts. It is unclear if these are limited in number or a short term sale. Either way, if you are on the fence on buying these passes, this is the best annual pass deal that I have seen. At the time of writing this article, Sam’s Club doesn’t list Disneyland annual passes on their site. It is unclear if this will change in the future but not available at present

Is this something that you will pick up? Let us know in the comments below

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  1. Where do you buy the passes from from Sam’s. This site does not allow you to purchase them.I am a Sam’s club member and would like to get 2 Platinum passes

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