Disney Gallery The Mandalorian

Disney Gallery The Mandalorian Coming To Disney+

We are still months away from the release of Mandalorian season 2 but it looks like we will have new content to watch! It was announced that The Mandalorian season 2 would be premiering in October of 2020 after the success of season 1. We will wait to see if this will be the case or if it will be delayed. However, Disney has announced that they will be releasing Disney Gallery The Mandalorian on Star Wars day which of course is May 4th! 

What is The Mandalorian documentary?

Disney Gallery The Mandalorian will give a behind the scenes look at the popular Star Wars series. This will include Interviews with cast/directors, behind the scenes clips along with never before seen footage. Each episode will have a different focus to prevent repetitiveness. One of the episodes that we are looking forward to is a look at the technology. Who doesn’t want to see how the in-depth technology used for the props. 

Photo courtesy of Disney/ Lucasfilm

There will be 8 episodes within the Disney Gallery The Mandalorian with a different focus for each episode. It will allow the viewer to gain a different perspective on how much has gone into creating a show. Being based on the Star Wars galaxy, the expectations are high. This will show how the directors were able to bring it all together. This show will be available on Disney+. Even if nothing else, getting to see more Baby Yoda is a definite plus!

Trailer for the Mandaloria Dossier

Watch the trailer that has dropped so far for the Mandalorian documentary

This will be a must-watch for any hardcore Star Wars fans! And will fill a gap while we wait to see if the second season is still on track for October. 

May the 4th be with you when this series arrives!

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