Disney Facial Recognition Testing to Start

One thing that Disney has tried to do and has consistently done over the years is adapt the technology for the guest experience. This has been evident over the years with changes to rides to the use of Magic Bands. One thing that they are starting to adapt is facial recognition and tie it to the ticket. It was announced that they will start testing Disney facial recognition technology to park entry. This would allow guests to enter one of the Disney parks without fingerprints like in the past. Since the shutdown, they have not been utilizing fingerprints which were used as a verification of identity.

When will this start?

This is reportedly starting within the next month and one of the parks. Specifically, this started March 23rd and will go until April 23rd, 2021. Disney will be trialing this at Magic Kingdom at Disney World. In a statement put out by Disney, this is to transition focus to “more touchless experiences”. The trial of facial recognition could change and be expanded or prolonged as well. 

Disney Facial Recognition

How will this work?

There will be an FRT (facial recognition technology) testing lane that you will enter

From there, you will need to remove accessories includes sunglasses, hats, and visors. However, face masks or covering will need to stay on. 

After entering the FRT zone, you will stand in front of the camera and move your magic band or valid park pass in front of the scanner. This will take a picture and convert it into a unique number that will be linked to your ticket.

In theory, Disney facial recognition could speed up times to get into the park. It should also be known that those under the age of 18 are able to participate. However, you will need to have a parent or guardian present at that time. The unique numbers and pictures during the test will be discarded by 30 days after the test. This will not be required for everyone going into the parks, but you can opt into it if you would like.

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