Disney Dining Plan Price Increase in 2020

Disney dining plan price increase

On top of the changes that have occurred within the past few days with the annual passholder price increase and the overnight parking increase, there has also been a Disney Dining plan price increase. This one is not quite as extreme as the increase in the annual passholders ticket price. On average there has been about a $2 – $3 price increase across the board for both adult and kid dining plan packages.

So what are the changes?

For the quick service Disney dining plan, a child’s plan is now $26 and an adult is $55 per day. It is important to remember that this is per person per day during a Disney vacation. For the standard Disney dining plan, it will run an adult $78.01 and $30.51 for a child. If you are getting the deluxe dining plan, adult plan will cost $119 and $47.50 for a child.

This is a little bit of an increase from the 2019 Disney dining plan prices. Under the old plan, a child’s quick service plan would run at $23.78 per child and adult were $52.50. A standard Disney dining plan in 2019 was $75.49 for an adult and $27.98 per child. With the deluxe dining plan it would run you $19.25 per adult and $43.49 per child.

Our thoughts

This is not an unexpected price increase as Disney will adjust their prices usually with an increase every year. Starting last year, Disney started to expand the Disney dining plan to include alcoholic beverages. Because of this, it was half expected that there would be a price increase. At this point, with the recent price increase, it is depended on the individual on whether it will be a money saving option in the long run. On a recent trip several months ago, we saved about $150 over the course of the week. With the recent increase, this may be a little bit less likely. A lot of it comes down to what you typically get for meals and how much an individual will splurge when they have the dining plans to make it more worthwhile.

Disney dining plan price increase

With this being taken into consideration, the Disney dining plan is likely only a great offer if it’s being offered free during one of their special booking times. Usually, for staying at a value resort, you’ll get a quick service dining plan. If this is the case, you can increase to the standard dining plan for a small charge. For moderate and higher tier, you will get at least the standard dining plan. Overall this is the best way to go. If you are planning a future trip you may need to adjust your plan with the Disney dining plan price increase. The Disney dining plan used to be a staple for us but with this, it may change. What are your thoughts on the most recent pricing increase in the Disney dining plan? This is something that you would still consider getting? Let us know when the comments below.