D23 Cosmic Rewind Update

D23 was this past weekend which means a lot of new information about what’s to come to the Disney parks over the next couple of years as well as updates on rides we knew about. Part of the announcements was about the changes coming to Epcot at Walt Disney World. During the presentation, Josh D’Amaro announced what rumors had guessed. He reports that Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind will be opening next year. As it is currently slated to open in the Summer of 2022. This is a big D23 cosmic rewind update! Previously it was announced that it would open next year but no specifics were given, until now. 

What is Cosmic Rewind?

Cosmic Rewind will be the newest coaster to come to Walt Disney World in 2022. Guests will be able to check out the new coaster in Epcot by Mission Space area. The ride will take place in the universe of Guardians of the Galaxy. Best of all the original actors will be reprising their roles for the ride including Glenn Close as Nova Prime. This has been under construction since 2019 and had been set back with the shut down of the parks in 2020.

Cosmic Rewind Update

When the ride opens, it will be the longest enclosed coaster in the world. But also it will be the first reverse launch coaster at any of the Disney parks. This falls under what Disney is calling a “storycoaster”, as it will beagle to spin 360 degrees to tell a story as well as bring the thrills of a roller coaster. You will be thrown into the story and help save the Galaxy. Secondly, there will be a new pavilion, “Wonders of Xandar”. Which will show off future technologies, from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, that are used by the Nova Corps. 

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