Club Cool Returns to Epcot This Summer!

What’s better than going to Epcot and tricking family members into trying the infamous Beverly. Oh, the good ole days. For those that have not been indoctrinated, Beverly is a drink that is …. An acquired taste and had become a taste challenge for Disney fans. It was only available at Club Cool at Epcot for the longest time, then eventually expanded to the Coca-Cola store at Disney Springs. However, Club Cool had been shut down for quite a while now. But now we have word that Club Cool returns this summer. 

What is Club Cool?

Club Cool is a shop in Epcot the Coca-Cola based products This was a great place to get away from the Florida heat and cool down with a refreshment. The unique part of Club Cool is that you could try samples of a variety of sodas from around the world. Samples here would be free of charge and there was no limit that was being enforced. You could try drinks from places such as  Japan, Italy, and Zimbabwe. This originally closed due to the transformation of the Epcot park rather than due to the shutdown last year.

There could be changes that come about with the reopening of Club Cool but that have been released yet. But we do know that it will be revitalized Club Cool and will still be hosted by Coca-Cola. We don’t have a lot of information yet but it is confirmed that it will reopen later this year.

What is Beverly?

Beverly is a special drink at Club Cool that has become synonymous with the entire experience. You haven’t fully gone through Club Cool until you have tried Beverly. It is a soda from Italy and is more bitter than anything else. For the longest time, it became a game to trick people into trying it and seeing their expression on their first time. You can find it in Disney Springs but it is best known for its time in Epcot.

Club Cool Returns

Are you looking forward as Club Cool returns later this year? Let us know in the comments below?