Classic Monsters Cafe Closed at Universal Studios

Universal Studios does horror and monsters right with its seasonal changes. With events like Halloween Horror Nights and even holding horror make-up shows in the past. This has been one of the best parks to go to in Central Florida for a monster fix. However, now there is one less spot for horror aficionados to reside! Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Cafe closed permanently as of Friday, May 13th to make room for a completely new eating experience for the park, according to Universal Orlando.

There has not been a lot of information out in regards to changes at Universal studios lately, outside of Halloween Horror Nights. But we do have a fairly significant change that has just occurred. After 20 years of service to the guests of Universal Studios Orlando, Classic Monsters cafe closed late last week. This has been a staple at Universal Studios since it opened in 1998. 

For those that haven’t been to Classic Monsters

Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Cafe provided a lot of indoor space and was a fantastic spot to dine. The restaurant was decorated with items from various monster movies. This included items from  The Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Mummy and allusions from the TV sitcom The Munsters. There have not been any reports on what will take over its spots. However, we will update you as soon as that becomes available. 

Classic Monsters Cafe Closed
Photo Courtesy of Universal Studios

What will take its place?

It is not clear what will take over this spot but one rumor is something in regards to the Minions but this has not been confirmed. Which has left a lot of guests wondering why the sudden change. This could be due to various reasons. With the addition of Epic Universe in the next few years, the rumor is that there will be a Classic Monsters area. If this is true, it would make more sense to have a quick service like Classic Monsters Cafe in this new area. We will have to wait and see if Universal Studios provides any updates on this. 

Have you ever been to Classic Monster’s Cafe? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below!

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